Newsbeat – BBC Radio One

Newsbeat broadcasted on Tuesday 31st of January at 7:45pm on BBC Radio 1 is presented as very upbeat and cheerful as the two presenters open with the menu of what’s to come up in the show. Furthermore, the news program has a factual and news like subject matters which includes an investigation into “a secret network of criminals, selling baby chimpanzees as pets.” (BBC Radio 1, 2017) According to The Independent, “Newsbeat was launched as a programme on Radio 1 in 1973 but has expanded to include a website and social media channels offering news aimed at a younger audience.” (Dearden, 2016) The show has been withstanding for many years and even expanded to social media as mentioned by one of the presenters to ‘get involved via Twitter’.


The choice of content includes a lot of soundbeds throughout the whole show to keep it lively and some well thought out pre-recorded packages with voxpops and interviews throughout the whole thing. The content included a secret record with a man on the phone to sell trafficked animals. This is a unique package because throughout the whole thing, listeners are gripped with how the police discovered this man and what he does, not only that but the BBC investigation is very dangerous as it could have gone wrong this also adds excitement to the show.


Interestingly, a report from The Radio Times, states that “The output of Newsbeat – BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra’s news service – will be merged into BBC News Online, but the separate Newsbeat site and app will be closed. The BBC insist that the Newsbeat brand will be kept, even if the site and app are disappearing.” (Dowell, 2016)


A program which is similar to Newsbeat, is Chris Evan’s Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 show which has a similar upbeat presenting style with a lot of soundbeds and effects which liven up the show especially for a morning. The two shows present the news and menus similarly and have similar styles of news and entertainment. Although Evan has music throughout his show and Newsbeat doesn’t, it is similar in the way the present and broadcast news.


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