Introduction / About Me


I’m a student at the University of Salford studying the Television and Radio (BA) course and this blog focuses on the analysis of different TV and Radio shows each week.
I have a big ambition to become a production manager or a producer in the Television route but I also appreciate well made and gripping radio shows such as ‘Serial Podcast‘ and ‘The Archers‘.

My favourite shows on Television is the Netflix original series, ‘Stranger Things‘ and Channel 4 series ‘Hunted‘. These programs are gripping to watch and they are really suspenseful which is why they’re my favourites. I also enjoy period drama series such as ITV’s ‘Victoria‘ and BBC’s ‘The Musketeers‘ because they tell an interesting story that has the elements of realistic different time periods such as Elizabethan and Shakespearean times.

Hope you enjoy the review of the programs in this blog.