Blue Peter

Blue Peter (1958-present) has been a long-standing show which has entertained children and families for generations, however, with the controversy that it should be moved from BBC 1 to CBBC as “only 57,000 children aged six to 12 watched the show when it was aired on BBC 1, but now it is screened on CBBC more children in that age group watch it.” (Murphy, 2013) In addition, Yvette Fielding claimed that the move of Blue Peter from the BBC 1 Channel to CBBC is “It deserves to be on mainstream television – not on the digital channel. People seem to forget that it’s not just a kids’ show, it’s a family show, and a generation of children and their parents are missing out because it’s less accessible.” (Plunkett, 2015) The time slot of Blue Peter is now on at 9am on Sundays (CBBC, 2017) because it is a children’s show and the demographic for Blue Peter although now changed is on when 9-14 year old viewers wake up in the morning.


The choice of content reflects the children’s targeted audiences because they included a lot of viewer interaction and suggestions from their younger audiences that they want to see. An example of this is when the presenters, Barney Harwood, Radzi Chinyanganya and Lindsey Russell (Radio Times, n.d) has video links to different viewers stating what they want changing in the episode and how they could improve the show to make it more enjoyable for them which reflects what the target audience want out of the Blue Peter show.

blue peter.jpg

Interestingly, as this show originally used to be for both adults and children, the decrease in the older generation has forced the BBC to move this show to CBBC as mentioned previously. In an article by the Daily Mail, they discussed how digital native children “have so many other things to distract themselves with these days” (Murphy, 2013) and that’s possibly why the program has moved digitally to move with the times and the older audiences that Blue Peter used to have, doesn’t have access to the content.

Blue Peter is similar to a sister program, ‘Newsround’ which presents news to the children which Blue Peter used to do back in the days on BBC 1 but now it is based around activities for children and challenges for them to watch and enjoy. Newsround, like Blue Peter, is fun and light-hearted but it is meant for a CBBC program.



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