BBC Three – Breaking Out of Bradford

The interesting thing about commissioning programs for BBC Three is how they’re “‘never afraid to try new things’ and will continue to innovate with breakthrough comedy, stand-out entertainment, brave documentary and intelligent factual formats.” (BBC Three, u.d.) They use real people and situations to tell really informative but also diverse stories in the documentary format. In this documentary, it focuses on a girl called Lelia, a 25 year old from Bradford who is training to be a barrister and go to law school on a scholarship.


The program mainly focuses on how she wants to achieve her goal of being a barrister in a mainly male dominant and sophisticated career. She also talks about how when she was younger, she would always be faced with sexism because she claims that ‘boys always got what they wanted’ and she has to strive even more into proving that she is going to be a good barrister. Not only that but the program focuses on part time job as a teacher, the audience see some actuality of her teaching the children and her approach is very straightforward, and to the point. She seems like a down to earth person in the program and I think the program aimed for her to be seen in a positive light as she is very humorous, and ambitious. The program also states some facts about law students and the acceptance rate, only half of the applicants get in.

bbc-threeeThe resolution at the end of the program was that she got accepted into The University of Leeds Law School but still needs funding for her degree which is a satisfying end for audiences watching the short documentary on BBC Three.


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