Manchester’s Serial Killer – Channel 4

The ‘Manchester Pusher’ as previously nicknamed in the program uses a lot of good locations to illustrate the story of the serial killer. Allegedly, “85 people – 72 of them men – have died in rivers, canals or other waterways in Greater Manchester between 2008 and 2014. Eleven of them were found dead in Manchester city centre” (Scheerhout, 2016) by a serial killer who is unknown to the police. The location of the canal adds to the depth of the documentary because it is local around the Manchester area and makes people more aware of how dangerous it actually is. Other locations they used skillfully to portray how serious the situation and how poignant the story is, would be the victims houses that have a family member describe what it was like losing someone they loved. This enhanced the story as it showed how much it’s affected young people. In addition, they also used footage from CCTV to back up the point of how it could happen at any point to anyone.


The locations are really important in conveying the story, they pointed out in the documentary the key areas where the killer had attacked his victims which the audience could feel unnerved by. This emotion response enables them to view how, as previously mentioned, the families are dealing with the loss. According to the Daily Star, “” (Culley, 2016) This adds more to the case because the audience then become invested in who is the Manchester Pusher and why is he luring down the canals. This is also highlighted in the program along with the locations in Peel Park, Salford Crescent Train Station and Media City UK, two of the locations are based near student villages.


The locations of the canals and the street views highlight just how serious the situation is and also makes citizens aware of the dangers in the locations that they have shot at. The Manchester Pusher is responsible for a lot of deaths which have alerted a lot of the general public since coming out in the Channel 4 documentary. One Twitter user complained that the evidence they supplied on the program in the CCTV location wasn’t clear enough, “ CCTV in Manchester ” (Rodney Marks, 2016) and another user noted that “Birmingham has twice the canals & half the deaths? Not in city centre, Manchester has loads more canal. This programme is skewed ” (Lee Kyle, 2016)


The Manchester Serial Killer raises a lot of questions amongst audiences but the locations that this program is set in helps to raise awareness in the places the killer has been attacking victims and also to illustrate a story told by both the families, police department evidence and specialist opinions.


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