BBC World Service – In Search of Henk and Ingrid

The locations in the BBC Radio show, In Search of Henk and Ingrid, involves a lot of public speaking with one of the politicians, Geert Wilders’, and they described him as the “radical right-wing Party For Freedom (PVV) – which wants to close mosques and ban the Qur’an – is expected to be one of the big winners in next week’s general election. Wilders says his typical voters are “Henk and Ingrid” – Holland’s Mr and Mrs Average. Tim Whewell sets out to find Henk and Ingrid in parts of the Netherlands that tourists, and Holland’s own elite, rarely see.” (BBC, 2017) The presenter, sets out on a journey and interviews a lot of interesting people along the way which adds to the depth of the program as you can visually see in your head everything you’re hearing because of the sounds of the location in the background. It is done really effectively.

NETHERLANDS-TRIAL-WILDERSThe locations that are described within the radio show are very interesting because at one point, it is made known that the political stance in Holland has taken an effect on locals because they shut their own houses and they describe how the shutters are down to make it a little safer and that they are kind of excluded from the rest of the town because of what’s going on in with the elections and rest of the neighborhoods. Whilst having a tour of this neighborhood, they ride bikes throughout it and give a brief explanation that in Holland it’s more effective to ride them and lowers pollution. Listeners can faintly hear the actuality of the rides being rode whilst the local is describing the atmosphere around them which seems to be isolated and rough.


This radio show is very good at describing the location through sound and locals giving detailed descriptions. All together this is a very successful radio location package telling the story of Holland’s elections.


In Search of Henk and Ingrid, Assignment – BBC World Service. (2017). BBC. Retrieved 19 March 2017, from






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