Vice Short Documentaries; what women have to lose from an Obamacare appeal.

The story that Vice chose to cover was how women will be affected by the current appeal against Obamacare. Vice have chosen to cover the story from predominantly a female perspective on how stripping back Obamacare can cause women to be more vulnerable to pregnancies, diseases and overall health issues because of ‘gender rating’. In the short documentary it focuses on one female presenter stating the facts regarding the rise in heath care for women and how Obamacare covers them in all circumstances. Vice interestingly uses animated statistics to illustrate the facts effectively to audiences like showing charts and comparisons of men’s health verses women’s and livens up the short doc. Furthermore, Vice have used creditable sources such as the ‘US Department of Health and Human Services’, which makes it a stronger argument. In addition, to back the points up that they were making they used archived footage of interviews, activists and specialists fighting for Obamacare.


Vice’s short documentaries is described by critics as “one of the founders, suggested that he and his band of insurgents were building “the next MTV.” And then there was a promise to become “the next CNN” — outrageous claims at the time, but they are becoming truer every passing day.” (Carr, 2014)  It’s also really ambitious in telling the real life stories of individuals like the documentary where Vice goes inside of Syria front lines. One article described that particular documentary to be “very strong, especially Yeung’s effort that entailed dangerous reporting throughout Syria. For sure, there has been great reporting in the country. But this goes well beyond much of the sporadic American media accounts, which have tended to focus on the battle over Aleppo and the nation’s unceasing humanitarian disaster resulting from a civil war with atrocities on all sides.” (Warren, 2017)

vice news.jpgIf I could change anything about that short documentary is that I would interview more people from different perspectives such as a political figures, male activists and ordinary people who benefit or don’t benefit from this appeal. I think this would add more depth to the program and it would make for a better documentary but as a whole they effectively get the women’s side across and make some interesting and eye opening points on why stripping Obamacare is a bad thing for everyone but especially women.

obamacareThe link to watch the documentary is here:


Carr, D. (2014). Its Edge Intact, Vice Is Chasing Hard News. [online] Available at: [Accessed 25 Feb. 2017].

Warren, J. (2017). Vice goes inside Syria to show what media censorship really looks like. [online] Poynter. Available at: [Accessed 25 Feb. 2017].


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