Newsbeat – The Brit Awards

Newsbeats reported live at the infamous award show, The Brits whilst interviewing artists and presenters at the ceremony they also commented on the issue that Stormzy reportedly helped to create more diversity. Newsbeat commented that Stormzy “pushed the BritsSoWhite hashtag and it trended on Twitter. Soon Lily Allen, Laura Mvula and Wolf Alice were among the acts to criticise the lack of people from so-called “black music genres” picking up nominations. Stomzy then put out the track One Take Freestyle, calling the Brit Awards “embarrassing”. The BPI reacted by getting Stormzy in for a chat about changes to the voting system.” (Newsbeat, 2017) The location item had actuality of fans screaming for the bands that they liked and it worked for Newsbeat and it was well presented.


The amount of young people that are now tuning into Newsbeat has increased from the “weekly reach of around 3.3 million listeners (compared to an overall Radio 1 audience of just under 11 million). More 15 to 24-year-olds (34% of them) get their news from Newsbeat than from any other BBC TV or radio outlet. Compton says it’s a myth that young people are not interested in news; the challenge is how to reach them.” (Plunkett, 2014) So it’s typical for a location item to be aimed at that age range and appeal to them by reporting at the Brit awards with interviewees such as Little Mix and Emma Willis. The one thing I would improve about how the show is presented is to include more actuality of the awards being announced and the cheers from the audience which could have increased the location item more but overall it was a good coverage of the Brit Awards which appealed to younger audiences and addressed issues of black artist nominations.


How Stormzy helped to change Brits voting system after #BritsSoWhite controversy. (2017). Retrieved 25 February 2017, from

Plunkett, J. (2014). Radio 1’s Newsbeat rips up the rulebook to lure young listeners. the Guardian. Retrieved 25 February 2017, from


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