Contacting Contributors

For an assignment at the University of Salford, I have been assigned to research a topic for a TV show and phone up contributors to participate in. At the start of this task I thought it would be easy to find people who liked to talk about their specialist subjects, however, once emailing people and struggling to find phone numbers to actual specialists I discovered it’s a lot harder than I once thought it would be. Unfortunately I only secured one phone which went better than expected. I forgot to ask a few questions that related to my topic area which I’m still deciding on but the phone call went relatively well.

phone calls.png

For the module that I’m doing, I have chosen to do a short BBC Three documentary on debunking the myth of the Loch Ness monster. I have already planned out which contacts I’m going to choose and which would be useful to me, however until I actually get in contact with them I wouldn’t know if they knew a lot of information which could benefit me or not. I plan to contact a range of people from marine biologists, to see if the actual Loch Ness monster is as big and wide as they possible say or if that is a myth too. I will also try to contact fanatics and people with some experience of seeing the monster to get their side of the story then do further research into how the myth came about, what fueled people’s interest in the myth and if the myth can be debunked or to some extent prove that their could be a monster out there.


As for the contributors, I emailed a lot of people regarding the subject but nobody has gotten back to me and I have not managed to secure a phone number so for the next couple of weeks, my task is to find useful information regarding Loch Ness so that I am well informed for when I actually speak to a specialist or anyone willing to talk about their experiences.


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