BBC Radio 4- A Mix-Tape for Gus

This program was broadcasted on Tuesday 7th of October, at 11:30am where “Young composer Emily Levy sorts through the mix-tapes which her brother Gus made for her, and considers their power both to hurt and to heal since his premature death in an accident.” (BBC Radio 4, 2014) The subject matter touches on some powerful emotions through loss and grieving and how she and her family coped with the loss of her brother whilst listening to the tapes that her brother made. This segment on BBC Radio 4 could also be considered intimate with some listeners because someone else could be dealing with a similar loss and the show could in a way be helping them to also come to terms with their grief. According to the BBC Trust, BBC Radio 4 “should appeal to listeners seeking intelligent programmes in many genres which inform, educate and entertain.” (BBC Trust, n.d) This show sticks to the mission statement of the radio station as it informs viewers of different types of loss.

bbc-radio-4The content could be perceived as personal reflection at a time where Emily Levy was hurting so much and she looks back on her brother and his music, and in a way “she finds solace in the discovery that sharing Gus’ music tastes with others bestows on him a kind of immortality.” (BBC Radio 4, 2014) In addition, the young composer actually commented on what it was like to produce such a touching show and said that it “is a tricky thing to self-promote because it is both so personal and so important to me – however, I’m going for it because I’m really proud of what producer Beaty Rubens and I have created.” (Levy, 2014).

emily-levyProducers have used the actual mix tapes that Gus sent to Emily as “he would make her compilation tapes which brought together his passionate and eclectic taste. When he went off to university, the tape-making continued.” (BBC Radio 4, 2014) They also used opinions on his music from some of Gus’ best friends and people who knew him well saying his personality and music taste was an ‘up the establishment’ attitude. Also at the end of the radio show, a touching tribute was made from his sister to say a final goodbye to a beloved brother and composer.


The interesting thing about this radio show is that it could be translated into a visual medium because of the gripping and heart-warming sentiment of it all. It could be interesting to include visual footage of the distressed sister who is grieving for her brother and it would be a gripping documentary.


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